Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oshii Mamoru Directs Stage Version of TetsuJin 28! (In Osaka?!)

Hi Blog,

If you're in Osaka in January and have about ¥10,000 to blow, then you should go and see Oshii Mamoru's directed stage adaptation of TETSUJIN 28 (aka. 鉄人28号). I'd be curious to check this out considering Mamoru is a recluse who prefers the company of drawings and basset hounds to people. (So what's he doing directing real live actors?)

Oh! And can someone tell me what's up with this guy「サンプラザ中野くん」? (aka. Sun Plaza Nakano Kun - Pic right) He looks like a younger, balder Tamori.

Info can be found here.
(Via Kine Japan.)