Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shinya Tsukamoto Panel at the Tribeca Film Festival

Hi Blog,

Just a quick head's up that I'll be moderating a discussion with one of my favorite filmmakers, Shinya Tsukamoto, at the Tribeca Film Festival. He'll be in town supporting the rather badass TETSUO: THE BULLET MAN. The discussion will be happening THIS Saturday, April 24th, 2010 at the Apple Retail Store in SoHo, Manhattan. (103 Prince Street NY, NY)

Three random bits of trivia:
  1. If it weren't for Tsukamoto, I wouldn't be as much of a Japanese film dork as I am.
  2. If it weren't for Tsukamoto, I likely wouldn't have pursued filmmaking. I'd probably be making a living recycling bottles and searching the beach for loose change with a metal detector.
  3. The SoHo Apple Store is right next door to my old Post Office, where I had my PO BOX for 6 years. (Coincidence? Or evidence of fate's hand?)
TETSUO: THE BULLET MAN will be having its US PREMIER at the Tribeca Film Festival on these dates:

Sun, Apr 25, 9:00PM
Village East Cinema 1

Tue, Apr 27, 7:30PM
Village East Cinema 7

Fri, Apr 30, 4:30PM
Village East Cinema 7

Sat, May 01, 11:45PM
Village East Cinema

It's a new cut that he spent all fall and winter working on, as I understand it, and I believe that Nine Inch Nails was involved in the new theme music, if I'm not mistaken. (Update: I haven't been able to confirm this, but I'll likely ask about this on Saturday. Stay tuned!)

So if you're in NYC, please do stop by the discussion. It's free and frankly, this is an unusually rare opportunity to hear the master speak about his art. Both lead actor Eric Bossick and producer Masayuki Tanishima, are also slated to attend the discussion.

More info about the discussion HERE.

TETSUO screening info HERE.