Monday, October 31, 2011

LA Eiga Fest! (Nov. 11-13)

Hi Blog,

COMING VERY SOON my friends over at the LA Japan Film Society are doing the LA EIGA FEST; a short, but fantastic Japanese film festival on the weekend of November 11th - 13th.

Highlights include the West Coast premier of Yoshimasa Ishibashi's MILOCRORZE, Shinji Imaoka's international kappa-stroking Pink Eiga co-production UNDERWATER LOVE, Su-yeon Gu's face bruisin' HARD ROMANTICKER, and an exclusive 3D screening of Takashi Miike's 'no, this isn't 13 ASSASSINS part 2' jidaigeki, HARA-KIRI: DEATH OF A SAMURAI (most likely the only time it'll be screened in 3D for the foreseeable future).

But that's not all, you can get your Tokyo gore thirst slaked with Yoshihiro Nishimura's zombie milkshake HELLDRIVER and then later feel guilty about laughing at death by watching Hiroshi Nagashima's short documentary on the Tohoku Earthquake, REMEMBRANCE OF THE TOHOKU EARTHQUAKE.

Held at the Mann's Chinese Theater 6, in the black and crimson heart of Hollywood, the schedule of screenings is as follows:

Friday Nov 11th

7:30pm - Opening premiere – Milocrorze: A Love Story (Dir Yoshimasa Ishibashi)

Saturday Nov 12th

9:30am – Competition Selection: The Volunteer, For Real? (Dir Tsuyoshi Satoda)

11:40am – Shorts program 1

Rootless Heart (Dir Toshiko Hata)

Tidy up (Dir Satsuki Okawa)

Cat Shit One (Dir Kazuya Sasahara)

1:10pm – Competition Selection: Food and the Maiden (Dir Minoru Kurimura)

3:15pm – Shorts program 2 – Official Short Shorts Film Festival Selection

Super Star (Dir Kentaro Hagiwara)

Smile Bus (Dir Sang-joon Park)

Hokkaido Tourism (Dir Yosuke Hamaguchi)

Heaven’s Island (Dir Naoko Tajima)

5:05pm – Competition Selection: Door to the Sea (Reiko Ohashi)

7:25pm – Hard Romanticker (Su-yeon Gu)

9:50pm – Underwater Love (Shinji Imaoka)

12:00am – Midnight Screening - Helldriver: Director’s Cut (Dir Yoshihiro Nishimura)

Sunday Nov 13th

9:30am – Cannonball Wedlock (Dir Koji Maeda)

11:15am – A Man with Style (Yuya Ishii)

1:40pm – Remembrance of the Tohoku Earthquake (Hiroshi Nagashima)

3:05pm – Someday (Junji Sakamoto)

5:15pm – Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D (Takashi Miike)

More info HERE.

If you're a fan of Japanese film, you definitely don't want to miss this. See you there!