Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Uruma Delvi Exhibit Going on at PARCO in Shibuya

Hi Blog,

Uruma Delvi (alternately written Uruma Derubi and うるまでるび) have an exhibit going on right now at Parco in Shibuya (6th Floor) until March 14th.

I like these guys a lot. They make stupid cartoons about turds, people making turds, or bugs that bite butts (that conceivably would be ejecting turds if not for the bug). I've written a bunch about these guys before on this site, so you can read more about them here.

Anyhoo, as just mentioned, it seems that inspired by their Butt Biting Bug (おしりかじる虫)hit song and cartoon (done for NHK, see below), there is a two-week exhibition of some Uruma Delvi work at Parco. Curiously, the bane of the Japanese PTA and my favorite, Burutabu-Chan (the poop genie), is missing from this exhibition. What a shame. What a crying shame.

You can watch more here.

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