Saturday, April 5, 2008

Karaoke Terror DVD! (aka. Showa Kayo Daizenshu)

Hi Blog,

Yesterday I was very happy to receive my copy of Synapse Film's KARAOKE TERROR DVD. (To be released: 4/29/08) For those who missed my posting(s) from waaaaaay back when, this release contains my first official DVD liner notes.

Produced by my pal Marc Walkow, the disc looks good and the packaging is nice. But really, I guess that I'm just stoked to actually have some liner notes that are on paper instead of being put physically on the DVD.

Oh and in other news, I'm still waiting for my copies of the APPLESEED: EX MACHINA DVD! (Released 3/11/08) Not only am I apparently well featured in the DVD featurettes, my wife and I did a bunch of translation and transcription of the interviews for the disc. But, no, apparently that's not enough for Warner Bros. who mysteriously can't be bothered to send me my gratis copy. What gives?

Well, I guess we all know that Synapse is far cooler than WB. And that's the truth, Ruth.

Read my old Midnighteye review for KARAOKE TERROR here.


Jamie S. Rich said...

Aw, crap. Now I'm bummed. I had the opportunity to snag this for review but couldn't really tell if it was worth it. Had I known!

Looks like someone else grabbed it from the pile.

Nicholas Rucka said...

Heya Jamie!

That's too bad that you didn't grab it! Karaoke Terror's a fun flick.

Funny enough, I'd recently read your "Cats of Mirikitani" review at DVD Talk and was thinking about how small of a world it is: one of my pals from NYC was the producer. (And notwithstanding that, I still haven't seen it...) Weird.

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