Friday, January 23, 2009

ウララ ウララ ウラウララ〜♪ Time for a Yamamoto Linda Hip Thrust

Hi Blog,

Ooh la la indeed!!

Getting bogged down here in writing and desperately need a pick me up. Sure a shot of espresso or a some ice cubes down the pants could work, but it's not nearly as satisfying as watching the glorious sequined 1970s bombshell Yamamoto Linda belt out some tunes courtesy of the old YouTube time machine.

Up first, 狙いうち (Nerai-Uchi! - Aim and Fire!):

Up next, どうにもとまらない (Donimo tomaranai! - Can't Stop Myself!):

いいねIf you like her stuff, there's plenty more of it on line. I leave you to find it on your own. (BTW, she's not nearly as interesting now... But that's the way it goes, I suppose...)

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