Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amoeba Music Videos: Talib Kweli & Six Organs of Admittance

Hi Blog,

Took a while but Talib Kweli has finally approved the music video and rockumentary that I cut for Amoeba Music way back when. (Even has the old ghetto title that I did before we had the new branded template.) Anyhoo, there's some unique stuff in this so if ya like your Kweli then check it out. (This was in support of his recent album Ear Drum.)

The other is a clip for San Francisco based uber-guitarist Six Organs of Admittance. The turn around on this video was crazy fast: like less than a week between cutting, color correction and posting for approval and getting approval. Nice.

Talib Kweli (Interview):

Talib Kweli (Performance):

Six Organs of Admittance (Performance):

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