Saturday, January 12, 2008

From Twitch: Masaaki Yuasa has a new anime coming out!

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Don't usually like to repost stuff that I've read on (cuz most of my traffic is from people who visit their site too, duh!), but this is both good news and related to a bunch of Studio 4ºC stuff that I've written about here before.

From Twitch:

"Fantastic news here for animation fans. Word has come down that Masaaki Yuasa will be returning to the Japanese airwaves in April with a new series titled Kaiba. Very little is known about the series yet beyond that it is a science fiction oriented love story but the sheer fact that Yuasa at the helm makes this absolutely compulsory viewing. His feature debut, Mind Game, was one of the most startlingly original and utterly compelling pieces of work I’d come across in some time and his television directorial debut Kemonozume has displaced Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex to become my favorite anime series ever. Yes, he is really that good. Now somebody out there make Todd a happy boy and license this one along with Kemonozume so I can get decent English friendly versions of them on DVD." (link.)
Señor Todd Brown neglects to mention Yuasa Masaaki's contribution to 4ºC's Genius Party Volume One (HAPPY MACHINE), but I do agree that Yuasa is one of the best 'anime minds' currently working in Japan. Bar none.

This link to Japanese cable channel WOWOW's KAIBA splash page doesn't have any links to any trailer or nuthin' but you can go and see it just to look at some Japanese language characters if you want.

Previous postings: on Mindgame and Studio 4ºC Here and Here.


Anonymous said...

yeh... yuasa's great. mindgame's great.

anyone license 'genius party' yet?

'tekkon kinkreet' seemed to pass a lot of folk by.

'kemonozume' needs an official subbed release too.

this new tv series got a mention at AICN in the last
few days, scott green picked up on it, and i think the story has been at animenewsnetwork too... that and animeondvd, they're the two i keep track of.

Anonymous said...

This is good news...Licensing would be cool..but if I have to bt the eps once it's broadcast in be it I suppose.

btw--further HK film update. Pye Dog is kind of interesting Eason Chan is not a bad actor...