Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Angelinos! Nikkatsu New Action Series Coming at the End of April!

Hi Blog,

On his Outcast Cinema blog my pal Marc Walkow has posted more dates for his curated Nikkatsu New Action Film Series. And while I recognize that there are other places outside of Los Angeles, I only care about what's happening here. (So there!) But if ya want further info, go to his site-- chances are pretty good it's coming somewhere near you. And if it isn't you can contact him about trying to make it come where you live.

In the meantime, I'm in the middle of writing a piece on Nikkatsu New Action films for Midnighteye. I was hoping to be done with it last week, but it keeps growing. And growING!

April 25-27

American Cinematheque at the Egyptian - Los Angeles, CA Nikkatsu comes to one of the best cinemas in America with Gangster VIP, A Colt is My Passport, The Velvet Hustler, Glass Johnny, Roughneck, and The Warped Ones

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