Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Yesterday's Japan Times had an interesting column on the cocktail known as "Chuhai" that's well worth a read, if you have an interest in Japanese booze.

Anyone who has gone out on a bender in Japan has inevitably supplemented their bar drinking with a can of this stuff, while they stumble from one location to another. The reason? It's cheap and rather tasty.

Here're some interesting factoids from the article:
  • The term "Chuhai" is derived from the words Shochu and Highball, with Shochu being a traditional Japanese spirit distilled from any number of ferment-able foodstuffs.
  • Those can "Chuhai" (pictured above) don't have any Shochu in them; instead the alcohol is Vodka?!
  • For all of you boozers out there, there's more alcohol per volume in the cans of citrus flavored Chuhai rather than the other soft fruit flavors. The reason? Citrus flavors demand more alcohol to achieve a better taste combination. (Also, the ladies prefer the non-citrus flavors and according to Kirin Breweries, women don't want as much alcohol in their bevies.)
  • A real "Chuhai"-- made with Shochu that is-- is known as a Ganso (元祖) Chuhai. The article recommends that you go to "...the area in eastern Tokyo along the Keisei train lines..." to try this style of Shochu.
Read on here for more info!

Here's a Chuhai commercial with a guy catching a Frisbee with his teeth:

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