Monday, February 11, 2008

Miyake Tomoko: Beautiful chicks eat a lot too, you know...

Hi Blog,

Well, this is old hat for those who are on top of things, but my life is quickly spiraling out of control and I have no excuses any more.

But one look at my tracker statistics and I see that a lot of people are still interested in champion hot dog gourmand and general food hoover Kobayashi Takeru. I don't get it, people. Why are you so interested in a people who eat like ducks for 12 minutes just to see how much they can stuff in their guts without retching or exploding?

Anyway, always being one who is willing shill to the masses, here's a tidbit via the excellent Japanprobe blog reporting on super food chomper Miss Miyake Tomoko. A groovy looking lass who is apparently at least one-third robot with hollow legs who can inhale food stuffs with the best of the competitive eating pros. (Oh! And did I mention that she's a looker?)

Here she is eating a fucking HUGE bowl of Ramen in a half hour or so!

And here she is eating a 3.3 kg (7.27525465 pounds) Okonomiyaki in just under 19 minutes!

You know, I love how they call her a 「食イドル」-- an 'eating Idol'.... What a thing to be famous for! She'll be known everywhere as an expensive date.

Anyway, there's a bunch more clips of her eating all sorts of foodstuffs up on-line. (And I just read that she was in NYC on Feb. 1st doing some eating and filming there. Somebody hide the big apple........... Sorry about that....)

Here's a link to Tomoko's blog.

Link to previous Kobayashi Takeru postings.

Link to Japanprobe.


Anonymous said...

Ok, do we all really believe that she actually keeps that food down? Or does it get hurled up later?


Nicholas Rucka said...

I think for competitive eating there're regulations dictating the amount of time the food has to stay down for. I know at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest a minder supervises the eater to make sure they don't reverse too soon after the competition.

Regardless, I think it's great that she can eat a lot and all-- No, actually, it totally sicks me out.

Anonymous said...

So, another fan of hers.
she is quite pretty too, and i nv expect someone her size to eat so much too. seriously, if given a chance to be her food, i dun mind! if she could be my gf, her egestions should be enough for my 3 meals already.

Anonymous said...

hei i agree with u!! i dun mind being in her stomach either!
yea, if her meal is like 5kg, eating her faeces would make be really yummy!! if i get tired of eating it, i think i can use it to train as weights!