Monday, May 19, 2008

The All Seeing Logboy! A Bonanza of Trailer and Film Info!!!

Hi Blog,

The logboy** has forwarded on these tasty (and nutritious!) bits of Japanese movie info and trailers.

Either he doesn't sleep or he already has a bioware port installed in his head and is downloaded Japanese film info 24 hours a day for the good of humanity. If so, I salute you!

KAMISAMA NO PAZURU (aka. God's Puzzle - dir. Miike Takashi) (Miike's tent pole summer film for Toei. What's it about? It looks zany!)

HANSAMU SUITS (aka. Handsome Suits - dir. Tsutomu Hanabusa) (It's like Frankenheimer's SECONDS, but for ugly and dumpy people)

HOMURESU CHUGAKUSEI (aka. Homeless Junior High Student - dir. Furumaya Tomoyuki)(I actually have an interesting connection to this book/project-- but because of a NDA I can't write about it. Anyway, the book was a massive hit, so the film should be too.)

AOI SORA PUNCH! (aka. Punch the Blue Sky - dir. Shibata Go) (I'll write more about this in a couple of days, but this is my good pal Go's long awaited follow up to OSOI HITO aka. Late Bloomer. But before you all freak out, it was a work for hire and as such won't be as transgressive as his other works.) Link to the super short trailer.

JIROCHO SANGOKUSHI (aka. Jirocho the Mighty - dir. Tsugawa Masahiko) (From the director of the humorous and multi-award winning NEZU NO BAN aka. Wakeful Nights comes a comedy that looks like it's once again made for the oyaji set. But wait! Is that Takeuchi Riki in a wig!?) Link to trailer.

And finally, since my fingers are getting cramped from typing up all of this goodness, Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Cannes Film Fest storming and Señor Tom Mes slaying new film, TOKYO SONATA, now has a HP up and running. Word is it's good. Very good. I can't wait to see it. Link. Oh! And check out Jason Gray's copious writings about it here and Tom's review here.

Special thanks to logboy for the always appreciated good info!

** (not his picture)

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