Wednesday, May 28, 2008

おそいひと - Late Bloomer NYC Theatrical Run in July!

Hi Blog,

I initially hinted teasingly-like here in Japanese that Shibata Go's awesome feature film おそいひと (aka. LATE BLOOMER) would be getting some sort of NY theatrical run come the summer. Well I got an email from Iijichi-san over at Tidepoint Pictures and he has informed me that LATE BLOOMER will be (finally!) getting it's long overdue theatrical run this July!

It's a teeney-weenie one week run unfortunately but it'll be playing at the cute and compact Two-Boots Pioneer Theater starting Tuesday, July 25th. Calendar info is here. (But curiously there's no info about the film listed on the site as of yet...)

Anyhoo, I like the Pioneer a lot. It's a cool theater on Avenue A in Manhattan that's attached to a pizza parlor and video rental shop. They always show interesting indie films and, in fact, was where I had my very first screening of my short film OUT OF THE DARKNESS way back when. How's that for trivia?

So! If you live in the NY region and have a taste for crippled serial killers with drinking problems, then have I got a film for you! Includes an uber groovy soundtrack by World's End Girlfriend.

Go see it!

Link to longer post about LATE BLOOMER.


Anonymous said...

Wish that was screening somewhere in LA...

Any idea if World's End Girlfriend plans on releasing the soundtrack on CD?

Nicholas Rucka said...


I know that Tidepoint wants to do a larger US release and is working on it as I type this. Whether that will include LA or not, it's too early to tell, but I think there's a desire to do so.

As for the soundtrack, most of the tracks used in the movie are from existing recordings, if I remember correctly. I don't think that there's a soundtrack for the film specifically but the tracks can be found on World's End Girlfriend's Hurtbreak Wonderland and The Lie Lay Land.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks, Nick!

By the way, just for reference purposes, I met you last year at San Diego Comic Con. I was working the Tartan booth and I was going to contact you about getting a copy of the Tetsuo soundtrack (but never did because I lost your card).

I've added the RSS feed for your blog to LiveJournal so I can keep up with it now.

Nicholas Rucka said...

Oh hey! Thanks for seeking out my blog and commenting!

What're you up to now that Tartan US is no more? And let me know if you still want a copy of Tet1&2 soundtrack...

(BTW, feel free to use the contact form to the right to reach me via email.)