Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Amoeba Videos - Kimya Dawson & Kate Nash

Hi Blog,

Have really fallen behind on posting the Amoeba Videos that I've cut (this posting, in fact, only includes a couple of my newer edits). There are a lot more that are pending approval or have already been approved and need to be posted-- while others are lost to the great purgatory of artist lack of interest.

Anyway, here are two sets of videos by two women musicians who are very popular right now. You'll know Kimya Dawson (of the now defunct Moldy Peaches) because her songs filled out the JUNO movie soundtrack. Whether you'll like it or not has to do with whether you find her personality funky and cute or not.

The second set of vids are for Kate Nash, the so-called 'it' girl of the moment. Though still in her teens, her story has been packaged as a Cinderella one having gone from MySpace musician rags to major label international pop star riches in a year. You might not like it, but every teenage girl seems to.

Kimya Dawson Performance:

Kimya Dawson Interview:

Kimya Dawson YouTube Teaser:

Kate Nash Performance:

Kate Nash Interview:

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