Saturday, July 7, 2007

J.A.P. Inc: Star Wars 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Darth Vader Will Make Your Eyes Explode! (JAP 工房の「ダース・ベイダー鎧飾り」!!)

Whenever I go to Japan I always make a special trip out to Kichijoji, Tokyo to visit the J.A.P. Inc. shop. Why? 'Cuz they are just about the coolest jewelry and leather artists/craftsmen out there-- bar none.

Producing original and licenced silver works, they are also proficient costume designers and prop manufacturers whose handiwork have been seen in some of youze all favorite Japanese films including: "Ichi's" suit from ICHI THE KILLER (aka. KOROSHIYA ICHI) (and crew only trench coats) and Asano Tadanobu's Dragon Eye Morrison outfit in ELECTRIC DRAGON 80.000V among others. (Here are links to J.A.P.'s costume pages for KOROSHIYA ICHI and DRAGON.)

I became aware of their silver jewelry when I first saw their ALIEN 'Face Hugger' ring in a magazine. Considering that ALIEN is one of my favorite films of all time and that I believe H. R. Giger's Face Hugger design to be one of the finest creature designs ever made, I HAD to HAVE that ring!!

Happily, with fortune smiling down on me and the fact that my lady loves me, she gave me it as a birthday present 6 years ago. (And, yes, it does come in an egg!) I've worn it everyday until just recently....

Well it now appears that they have put out something else that I have developed a 'jones' for: the Darth Vader Decorative Armor Setダース・ベイダー鎧飾り」! Fucking A!

Running in a limited edition of 300 in honor of STAR WARS 30th anniversary and retailing for a paltry ¥346,500 (!), file this under something to admire -- nay, drool over -- but never be able to purchase (unless I discover an oil field under my living room couch).

There is, it appears, a slightly cheaper helmet only edition retailing for a measly ¥189,000. (Pictured above.) Start up your paper routes and save your spare change, this is something that you know you want.

At any rate, J.A.P. Inc is always doing amazing stuff and is well-worth visiting their shop (and bar: BAR JAP) when you're next in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Dude! I want one too!! Hmm...don't have any Yen on me at the moment. Oh well.

You were born to write this blog!!

Nicholas Rucka said...

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the check in and the support!

The doll IS rad!! But those guys constantly impress me with the amazing shit they put out. It's so clear that they love what they do there and are really good at it too. It's refreshing to come across that kind of artistic skill and honesty. Well worth a visit to their place when and if you've got a chance.

More to come!!