Tuesday, July 17, 2007

♪愛に生きる人~ MIKAN SEIJIN and ANIKI!!

It's Tuesday again, so here's the requisite video weirdness from Ugo Ugo Ru-ga (ウゴウゴルーガ). (See previous posts here and here.)

This time out we have an eye blistering 9 minute 33 second blast of an Alien from the Planet Tangerine (aka. ミカンせいじん MIKAN SEIJIN) and ANIKI (あにき)! Not much to explain here; do what you need to do and take what you need to take to appreciate the psychedelic weirdness of it all.



Anonymous said...

This video makes me want to play 8 bit video games now...ahh the memories

Nicholas Rucka said...

Or hit up your old Amiga. It is soothing, eh?