Saturday, August 11, 2007

ANGELINOS! Edgar Wright at the New Bev Tomorrow Night (Sunday 8/12)

I've been meaning to post this for a while-- and there's no time like last minute is there? HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD (and SPACED et al) director Edgar Wright will be out in support of the New Beverly Cinema here in LA tomorrow night by introducing the (--get this--) HOT FUZZ / SHAUN OF THE DEAD double feature playing there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It turns out that Edgar has been out here in LA for a while doing work on my Oni Press pals' up-coming big screen adaptation of the amazing comic SCOTT PILGRIM.

From the New Bev site:

Director/Co-writer Edgar Wright is scheduled to appear at the theater in person for both the afternoon and evening screenings of HOT FUZZ/SHAUN OF THE DEAD on Sunday, Aug. 12. At this time, he is scheduled to introduce the 3:15 and 7:30 screenings and conduct a brief Q & A before the 5:35 and 9:50 screenings.

I'll be there so why won't you?

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Unknown said...

I won't be there because I'll be chilling with the kids up north.


Tell 'em that the "we'll be up to our balls in jugglers" line holds special meaning for those in Santa Cruz, where they actually have passed a ban on juggling.

Also, I didn't even realize the Area 51 homage in Hot Fuzz until it was pointed out to me.