Friday, August 31, 2007

Video Maniacs!

My pal Phil Blankenship, who runs those rad Midnight Screenings at the New Beverly Cinema that I announce every so often and is the owner of uber-awesome/legendary noise labels Troniks and Pac Rec, has a superbly mind-blowing blog dedicated to all things old school VHS.

To be more specific it's all things:

If you're into old genre videos-- or just any video that makes you say wtf? I highly recommend a look at it. Link.


Anonymous said...

don't have your email, nick... wondering if you know of sources that charge reasonable postage and prices for those hotwax cds? yesasia have only one or two. don't have cheap shipping anymore. HMV charge 1500 for postage, still not quite possibly the cheapest post. cdjapan don't have (and can't get) most of them...

Nicholas Rucka said...

Hi logboy,

Email is nicholas *at* Easy.

As for the hotwax pick-ups I typically buy them when I go to Japan (which is usually once or twice a year, depending). I do occasionally have my wife order them to her folk's place and have her mother send them from Japan with a care-package. So that's probably not much help there.

BUT! Chicago based Dusty Groove is your best bet domestically (US) for good priced Hotwax releases. They must have a negotiated deal since their costs are about on par with the real Yen to Dollar costs.

Check out:

(That includes the Hotwax search parameters.)

Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

thanks. prices aren't much better than i can see elsewhere... not once shipping is figured into it.
they only have a couple of the discs also.

Nicholas Rucka said...

That's the rub of getting this stuff. Though I haven't ordered from Dusty Groove, I know that if you check in regularly, you have a better chance of getting the titles before they sell out. As for the prices, I think they're really good-- but as for shipping...

I know I did find some place in the UK (the name currently escapes me) that had some HOTWAX CDs and a book or two, but their prices were ridiculous.

Sorry I can't be of more help!