Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Amazing Poster for Alexandro Jodorowsky Screening

So my incredibly talented (and shy) friend Jennifer Lui is a kick-ass artist. She's also a big time movie buff. When my pals over at Exhumed Films proposed that Jen make up a promo poster for their Alexandro Jodorowsky double-feature screening of EL TOPO & HOLY MOUNTAIN she agreed.

What she delivered was a mind-blowing black light ink silk screen that feels like it fell through a space/time riff from 1973 and roared in on a Frank Frazetta airbrushed van to the present. If you've ever even entertained the idea of smoking up and zoning out on black-light posters-- then you owe yourself to get one of her limited edition posters.

Contact me directly for information on how to buy one. Word on the street is that they're under 50 bucks. (Cheap!)


Unknown said...

that poster is awesome.

Nicholas Rucka said...

Thanks d! That it is. Aaaand it's totally 'black light' ready! How rad is that?