Sunday, June 17, 2007

TAMORI: Sora Mimi Awa (Sounds that way only in your mind hour) (タモリ倶楽部 空耳アワー 名作撰)

Tamori (real name: Morita Kazuyoshi) back in my BUBBLE FICTION review. Considered part of the big three comedians in Japan (the other two being Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi and Sanma Akashiya) he has a popular daily lunch time TV show WARATTE IITOMO (It's Okay to Laugh!) that's been running since 1982. Tamori is always on TV; never takes time off and can be best described as the Japanese 'Bob Barker' (just recently retired himself) for his tireless work ethic.

At any rate, Tamori occasionally does a show called "SORA MIMI" which is a brilliant comedic take on how foreign song's lyrics occasionally sound like Japanese words.
Taking a page from Karaoke videos, a group of young comedians tries to impress Tamori and his panel of guests by making comedic music videos using these foreign songs. The results are sometimes riotously funny and after finding this collection on-line via YouTube (thanks to my lady), I just had to let you all know about it.

This does require Japanese language skills to truly appreciate the word games, but even if you can't understand what's being said, it might still be worth a watch for the cracked out sense of humor.


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