Thursday, June 21, 2007

REAL DOLL DOCTOR Screening Date Announced for Rooftop Film Festival

Regulars to this blog know that my 2002 short documentary REAL DOLL DOCTOR has been scheduled to screen at the NYC Rooftop Film Festival. (See previous posts here and here.)

Well, I just got an email from Dan, the head of the festival, and he told me the following info about my screening:

"...[REAL DOLL DOCTOR will be] screening on Friday, July 20th, as part of our shorts program called “The Way We Get By.” The screening will be on the lovely lawn at Automotive High School at 50 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, directly across from McCarren Park.

The music will start at 8:30 and the movies at 9:00 and there will be a party afterwards at Bar Matchless, just a couple of blocks away, with an open bar for two hours for everyone who comes to the screening.

An OPEN BAR!!?? Did you all see that? Well, if my film isn't enough impetus to get out to this screening, then the prospect of free booze should be enough. (Provided, of course, that the bar is a 'booze bar' and not a 'juice bar'.)

Alas, I won't be able to attend since I don't live in NYC any more and they don't fly little speck-sized filmmakers (that refers to our reputation, not our physical size, you know) out to festivals like this. <*sniff*>

Drink one for me, if you go...


Davecat said...

I can't make it either, but hopefully your film will be well-received! The open bar can't hurt, either...

Nicholas Rucka said...

Thanks davecat, I appreciate the comment and your support on this!