Monday, June 25, 2007

New York Asian Film Festival is up and running, so why aren't you there??

The title of this post sez it all and I woulda made a more timely 'get out there and support good Asian cinema' post last Friday, but I was out of town.

Be that as it may, the New York Asian Film Festival is running RIGHT NOW and you should be there every night enjoying the freaked out madness and hard to see in the theater brilliance that they always program.

I've been told by my friends running the festival that attendance has been generally strong for the first couple of days, with several of the screenings selling out. That said, there's some concern about upcoming ticket sales.

So as they would point out, why see yet another Hollywood blockbuster sequel or gamble on a film that might suck? The five fine blokes who make up Subway Cinema have done the leg-work for you and have programmed films that you should see and will like.

Seriously, if you live in the greater NY region, go and watch. You won't regret it.

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