Sunday, June 3, 2007


My oh my...

So, mad-man Ishii Katsuhito, the totally insane director of the cinematic acid tabs CHA NO AJI (aka. TASTE OF TEA) and NAISU NO MORI (aka. FUNKY FOREST) has apparently been hired by Fujitsu ("The Possibilities are Infinite"®) to do some totally off the wall short films in support of their new laptop. The laptop barely features in the shorts. But who cares? It's a vector for us to all get a nice Ishii Katsuhito fix (which is never a bad thing).

Here's the rundown of what it's all about:

Some short dude named Takuya, who for no discernible (or, apparently, particularly important reason) turns into a rabbit one night. So, his panicked [girl]friend does what any caring soul would do: desperately tries to fix what ails him. However, this has nothing to do with the logical solution to the problem: trying to turn him back in to a normal person. But instead takes the form of two problems solved over three (technically four) short videos:

1) He won't move at all and so he has to be danced back into mobility.
2) He won't laugh so he has to be 'manzai'd' back into good humor.
3) And when this proves impossible, the master of all comedians must swoop in and tell a shaggy dog story about a weird incident that happened to his son.

I know, I know... What the f**k? But that's exactly why we love Katsuhito Ishii, because we never can tell what will happen next.

Oh, and even if you don't speak Japanese you'll still get a kick out of it.


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