Sunday, June 17, 2007

New York Asian Film Festival article in the New York Times

David Kehr has a fairly positive article in today's Times on my friends excellent New York Asian Film Festival. My main issue with it is this error in reporting:

"The Asian Film Festival, which seems to run largely on the energy of its chief programmer, the film journalist Grady Hendrix (with sponsorships this year from the video label Dragon Dynasty and Midway Games, among others)..."

Grady Hendrix is good friend (and my writing partner) but to make that statement is to ignore the large amount of work and financial risk that the other members of Subway Cinema contribute.

For the record the other members of Subway Cinema are:
  1. Goran Topalovic
  2. Brian Naas
  3. Marc Walkow
  4. Paul Kazee
  5. Daniel Craft
Thanks guys for all of the hard work you've done for the fans of Asian cinema!

The Festival launches this coming Friday, June 22nd, at the IFC Center in Manhattan.

(I wish I could attend this years festival. It'll be the first one I've missed...)

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