Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Real Doll Doctor mini-review and to host Real Doll Doctor??

Davecat, the blogger-man behind the blog 'Shouting to Hear the Echoes,' has the honor of being the first person who posted a comment on my blog. (Thanks Davecat!)

He commented on my post about my short doc REAL DOLL DOCTOR being resurrected from the video graveyard like a split-dog in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and screening all summer (starting in July, from what I understand) through September as part of the NYC Rooftop Film Fest. (That just kicked-off last Friday night.)

Pretty kind words all told! Read what he has to say here.

He also mentions (scoops me, that is) that will be hosting REAL DOLL DOCTOR on their site, starting soon. It's true but I don't know much about it yet. Last week I was contacted by Rooftop Film Fest, through whom this is all happening, and apparently my flick was one of the one's selected (or was that recommended?) for the line-up. Naturally, more info on that when I've got it. In the meantime you can enjoy other struggling short filmmaker's works at the IFC Rooftop site. I haven't watched any of the flicks yet, but I see that my old acquaintance Ryan Junell has a flick up their now. He's a talented dude from San Francisco.

Thanks again Davecat for your interest!

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