Sunday, June 10, 2007

Survivor: China x Nicholas Rucka????

Well this makes no sense at all, but this is the madness of Los Angeles-- specifically Hollywood:

So my lady and I are walking down Melrose ('shut up fool, that's mah 'hood you're dissin') and we get stopped by a camera crew for

"Do you know the show SURVIVOR?" asks the woman.

"Sure", sez I.

"Can we videotape you asking our contestants some question?" she asks.

"Uh... Okay."

My lady balks at participating, but too late! I've agreed. (Did I mention that I was working at home all day and so I hadn't shaved and probably had a greasy sheen to me?)

They wanted me to ask the contestants of SURVIVOR: CHINA (that's the new series, apparently) two questions. First, I had to state my name, where I'm from, and then I asked these questions. What about? Oh you know, food and sex; that sort of thing.

Was it ridiculous? Yup. Did I ham it up? Maybe. Did I hit the camera crew up for a job after it was all done? I have no shame...


Jason Gray said...

Survivor: China? I would've thought that went without saying.

I know a great location for Survivor: Japan, if they ever do it:

Hashima (aka Gunkanjima)!

Nicholas Rucka said...

That's great! It's not the location where they shot BR2 (aka. Battle Royale 2) is it?

(Would be a shame to squander such great locations on a lame film like that...)