Tuesday, June 5, 2007

NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE 2!! (aka. Tsukamoto Shinya's Akumu Tantei 2 aka. 塚本晋也の悪夢探偵2)

So, I got it on good authority that one of my all-time favorite filmmakers Tsukamoto Shinya (Tetsuo etc)-- and a major reason why I got so interested in Japanese filmmaking in the first place -- will be following up his 2007 hit movie Nightmare Detective (aka. Akumu Tantei) with a sequel that starts shooting in July.

This sequel info had been previously reported on Ryuganji, back in March but without the dates that production was to start. Matsuda Ryuhei will reprise his role. Link


Update 6-19-07: I learned recently that apparently Tsukamoto Shinya will be shooting NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE parts 2 and 3 in succession. I wonder if this was inspired by the recent success of DEATH NOTE 1 & 2?


Anonymous said...

well, if I had known you'd started blogging, I would have spotted this (and a few other) stories had appeared here earlier...

still, will pop by now.


Nicholas Rucka said...

Thanks logboy. Glad that you checked out what's going on here.

I look forward to your comments!